Nadoja Prof KS Nisar Ahmed

Our Inspiration

  • Nadoja Prof KS Nisar Ahmed was a poet, literary thinker and a writer in the Kannada Language. He was awarded the prestigious Padmasri Award by the Government of India in the year 2008, Rajyotsava Award in the year 1981 by the Government of Karnataka, Nadoja Award by the Kannada University, Hampi in the year 2003 among a host of other awards and accolades.
  • He was also graduate in Geology and after working as an assistant geologist in the Mysore Geological Department at Gulbarga. However, he was inspired by writers GP Rajarathnam and MV Seetharamaiah and turned out to be one of the legendary literary geniuses of the state.
  • He is best known for Nityotsava (􀶛􀵧􀱲 ೕತ􀱺 ವ). The Nityotsava compilation was released in the year 1978. He was the President of Karnataka Sahitya Academy for 3 years between 1984 – 1987. Following are few of his other literary works.
Poetry Prose Translations
Manasu Gandhi Bazaru Idu Bari Bedagallo Anna William Shakespeare’s ‘A Mid Summer Night’s Dream’
Nenedavara Manadalli Manadondige Mathukathe Othello
Sumuhurta Satwa Sampannaru Bari Maryadasthare
Pratinidhika Kavanagalu Nanna Baraha – Nanna Aayke

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We are planning to create a museum of his work and planning to start an education institution to honour him and his achievements. The Government of Karnataka has given us 2.5 acre land in Chikkaballapura for which we had to pay the market value of almost 39 lakhs. We On 7th February 2022 have inaugurated his statue in the same location, now we want to start the construction of museum and a college for which we need financial help. We request who ever is willing to help and to this Nobel cause to donate or to help In anyways to take this project forward and complete our mission

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