Nadoja Prof KS Nisar Ahmed

Our Inspiration

Inspired by the renowned poet and writer, Padmasri Awardee, Sri. K.S. Nisar Ahmed and his strive for excellence in the field of literature, Nisar Institute of Education is determined to provide the best education and groom the upcoming generation of our country. Nisar Ahmed College is an initiative of our trust proposed to be built with an objective of enhancing the skills and capabilities of our students by imparting systematic and focussed training across various domains including excellence in academics, improvement of cognitive abilities, guide and nurture the young. The proposed college would be equipped with facilities to nurture close to 600 students per academic year As part of the current plan of action.

About Sri. K.S Nisar Ahmed


  1. To be a charitable voluntary organization for upliftment of the poor and down trodden. To open, run, maintain, assist educational institutions for imparting education in all spears.
  2. To provide, assist, extend or support the needy students in pursuing their education including boarding, lodging, hostel facilities and also to grant, extend monitory or other help to such needy students.
  3. To open, run, maintain, assist centres or institutions spreading and strengthening the Community and its traditions among all sections of society including establishment of education institution, blood banks, providing scholarships for the deserving students, providing cloths for poor section of the community, organizing seminars, debates, study groups and similar activities for the welfare of the society.
  4. To establish, assist, manage or run educational institutions with primary object of professing education and training facilities in all spears of education
  5. Activities of the Trust Since 2013, the trust has been involved in various activities like donating books, uniform and cash to the under privileged students
Nisar Indstitute of Education

Donate or to help for a cause

We are planning to create a museum of his work and planning to start an education institution to honour him and his achievements. The Government of Karnataka has given us 2.5 acre land in Chikkaballapura for which we had to pay the market value of almost 39 lakhs. We On 7th February 2022 have inaugurated his statue in the same location, now we want to start the construction of museum and a college for which we need financial help. We request who ever is willing to help and to this Nobel cause to donate or to help In anyways to take this project forward and complete our mission

Nisar Indstitute of Education